Tuesday, February 8, 2011

X-rays of Flowers by Hugh Turvey

They say beauty is only skin deep - but Hugh Turvey's x-rays of flowers show they are captivating through and through. Hugh, who trained as a designer / art director before studying photography Gered Mankowitz, first used X-rays in 1996 to photograph a human skull as a favour to a musician friend who needed an image for an album cover. He has since used the technique to produce a series of coloured x-rays of everyday objects.

thumbs_thumbs_flowers-001 thumbs_thumbs_flowers-002 thumbs_thumbs_flowers-003 thumbs_thumbs_flowers-004 thumbs_thumbs_flowers-005 thumbs_thumbs_flowers-006 thumbs_thumbs_flowers-007 thumbs_thumbs_flowers-008 thumbs_thumbs_flowers-009 thumbs_thumbs_flowers-010thumbs_thumbs_flowers-012 thumbs_thumbs_flowers-013 thumbs_thumbs_flowers-014 thumbs_thumbs_flowers-015 thumbs_thumbs_flowers-016 thumbs_thumbs_flowers-017


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