Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Top Ten Richest Person in Indonesia


No.1 Budi Hartono

Net Worth : $11 Billion

Industry : Banking

Age : 69/71 (born in 1940) R. Budi & Michael Hartono

R. Budi & Michael Hartono Billionaire Brothers from Indonesia with net worth US$2.2 billion. Owns and runs privately-held Djarum, the world's third largest maker of clove cigarettes. They also has stake with his brother, Michael Bambang Hartono in one of Indonesia's biggest banks, Bank Central Asia, formerly controlled by billionaire Liem Sioe Liong.

No.2 Susilo Wonowidjojo

Net Worth : $8Billion

Industry : Tobacco

Age : 54

Family's Gudang Garam, country's largest clove cigarette maker, is on fire: Shares more than doubled in past year and are up more than tenfold in past 2 years. -Fortune also higher due to inclusion of palm oil holdings. Father founded firm; late brother Rachman Halim ran it for years until his 2008 death. Susilo is now president; several family members sit on board. Enjoys ping-pong.

No.3 Eka Tjipta Wijaya

Net Worth : $6 Billion

Industry : Palm Oil

Age : 87 Eka Tjipta Wijaya03122010

Eka Tjipta Widjaja is the founder of the Sinar Mas Group, which was one of the largest conglomerates during the Indonesian New Order period.

No.4 Martua Sitorus

Net Worth : $3.2 Billion

Industry : Palm Oil

Age : 5020100518132511237Martua Sitorus

Chief operating officer of Wilmar International, Asia's largest palm oil trader.

No.5 Anthony Salim Anthoni Salim

Net Worth : $3 Billion

Industry : Diversified

Age : 61

Head of family's Salim Group, chairs publicly traded holding company First Pacific. In October listed its Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur, world's biggest seller of instant noodles, raising $700 million

No.6 Sri Prakash Lohia

Net Worth : $2.65 Billion

Industry : Polyester

Age : 58sri-prakash-lohia

Native Indian now Indonesian citizen. Controls Indorama Synthetics, Indonesia's largest polyester manufacturer.

No.7 Low Tuck Kwong

Net Worth : $2.60 Billion

Industry : Coal

Age : 62 Low-Tuck-Kwong

Stock price of his coal mining outfit Bayan Resources has tripled since its 2008 listing. Born in Singapore, has interests there including 50% stake in Singapore-listed Manhattan Resources, and Singapore HealthPartners, which plans to open an integrated hospital, medical center and hotel there in 2013. Avid animal lover set up zoo in Borneo with dozens of animals, including sun bears, orangutans, peacocks.

No.8 Peter Sondakh

Net Worth : $ 2.4Billion

Industry : Investments

Age : 58Peter Sondakh

His Rajawali Corp. sold stake in cementmaker Semen Gresik for $1.1 billion this year; had previously cashed out stakes in tobacco firm Bentoel International and cellphone firm Excelcomindo Pratama. Rumored to be planning backdoor listing of plantation business through newly acquired Eatertainment International. Said to be looking for coal, gold investments. Also has investments in hotels; picked up Surfers Paradise in Queensland last year. His Rajawali Foundation at Harvard University put out major study recommending reforms for Indonesian economy.

No.9 Putera Sampoerna

Net Worth : $2.3 Billion

Industry : Investments

Age : 63putera-sampoerna_485x340

Putera Sampoerna born 13 October 1947 in Schiedam, The Netherlands, is one of Indonesia's richest men, with a fortune of more than US$2 billion. He gained his wealth as heir to the Sampoerna cigarette company, Indonesia's largest, which was sold to the Altria Group in 2005.

No.10 Aburizal Bakrie

Net Worth : $2.1Billion

Industry : coal

Age : 644_Abdulrizal-Bakrie

Bakrie was born in Jakarta on November 15, 1946. He attended the Bandung Institute of Technology where he obtained a degree in electrical engineering in 1973. In 1972 he joined PT Bakrie & Brothers Tbk - the conglomerate founded by his father Ahmad Bakri - which had prospered during the Soeharto regime.


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