Sunday, February 13, 2011

Biggest Company in the World


No. 1: JPMorgan Chase

Industry: BankingJPMorgan Chase

Ranked 16th last year, JPMorgan Chase is now the world's largest company in US, based on its composite score for sales, profits, assets and market value.

No. 2: General Electric

Industry: Conglomeratesgeneral-electric

After a one-year reign as the world's largest company in US, General Electric fell to the second spot on our list as sales, earnings and assets declined over the past year.

No. 3: Bank of America

Industry: BankingBank of America

The 2009 acquisition of Merrill Lynch helped Bank of America jump from 38th last year to No. 3 in our Global 2000 ranking.

No. 4: ExxonMobil

Industry: US Based Oil and gas operationsExxonMobil

Despite a decline in both sales and earnings in the past year, ExxonMobil stayed at the No. 4

No. 5: ICBC

Industry: Banking ICBC

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is one of four Chinese companies among the top 25 in the Global 2000.

No. 6: Banco Santander

Industry: BankingBanco Santander

Over the past year, a 115% gain in market value helped move this Spanish bank from the ninth spot to sixth overall on this year's Global 2000.

No. 7: Wells Fargo

Industry: US Based BankingWells Fargo

A full year of Wachovia's operations (acquired in December 2008) helped Wells Fargo reach record figures in both sales and profits in 2009.

No. 8 : HSBC Holdings

Industry: US Based BankingHSBC Holdings

This international banking giant moved up two spots to tie petroleum giant Royal Dutch Shell for eighth position this year.

No. 9: Royal Dutch Shell

Industry: Oil and gas operations from NetherlandsRoyal Dutch Shell

Ranked No. 2 in 2009. Declines in sales and profits pushed this integrated oil company lower in our Global 2000 composite ranking this year.

No. 10: BP

Industry: Oil and gas operationsBP

This U.K. petroleum giant is 10th in our Global 2000 composite ranking, falling five spots from last year.


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