Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Richest Businessman in Canada 2011


1.David Thomson & Family


David Thomson inherited the money from his father , Kenneth Thomson, who died in June 2006 at the age of 82. He lives in Toronto, is 51 years old, has 3 children and he is divorced. Personal wealth: $13.0 billion

2.Galen Weston & Family


Galen Weston is an avid collector of Avant-garde artist Christo and he often plays polo with Prince Charles. He made a fortune from retail (owns controlling stake in Canada’s largest supermarket chain). He lives in Toronto and he is married. Weston is 68 years old and has 2 children. Personal wealth: $5.0 billion

3.James, Arthur & John Irving


James, Arthur & John Irving owns over 600 gas stations. They live in Saint John and have a wealth of $3.9 billion

4.Paul Desmarais


Paul Desmarais bought his father’s one-route Ontario bus company for $1- in 1951 and since then he is growing his business. He lives in Montreal, and has 4 children. Desmarais is 82 years old and he is married. Personal wealth: $2.6 billion

5.Guy Laliberte


Guy Laliberte is 49 years old and has a personal wealth of $2.5 billion.

6.Bernard (Barry) Sherman


Bernard (Barry) Sherman made a fortune with Apotex pharmaceuticals (seeking over-the-counter-sales approval of its controversial "morning-after" pill). He is 69 years old, lives in Toronto, has 4 children and he is married. Personal wealth: $2.5 billion

7.David Azrieli & Family


David Azrieli is 86 years old and has a personal wealth of $2.1 billion.

8.Jim Pattison


The source of his money is diversified including Ripley’s Believe It or Not bought him Guinness World Records in February. He lives in Vancouver, and has 80 years old. Pattison is married and has 3 children. Personal wealth: $2.1 billion

9.Robert Miller

9.RobertMiller_thumbRobert Miller is 63 years old and has a personal wealth of $2.1 billion.

10.Wallace McCain


Wallace McCain is 79 years old and has a personal wealth of $2.0 billion.


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