Monday, February 14, 2011

Top Ten Sports Brands in the World


No. 1 Nike

Brand Value: $10.7 billion Nike is the only sports apparel company with a worldwide market share that has increased over the last two years.

No. 2 ESPN

Brand Value: $10.5 billion Disney's ESPN charges cable operators a monthly fee of almost $4 per subscriber, the highest rate of any U.S. basic cable channel.

No. 3 Adidas

Brand Value: $7.3 billion The Adidas name appears on the uniforms of 350 professional and national soccer, rugby, cricket and basketball teams worldwide.

No. 4 Gatorade

Brand Value: $6.4 billion PepsiCo's Gatorade brand has a market share of 75% of the North American sports drink industry, 3.5 times that of its rival, Coca-Cola's Powerade.

No. 5 Reebok

Brand Value: $2 billion A subsidiary of Adidas since 2006, Reebok is the official uniform provider of the National Football League, National Hockey League and Canadian Football League.

No. 6 Sky Sports

Brand Value: $1.3 billion Britain's answer to ESPN now has six channels and rights to a bevy of sports properties, including Premier League football, international rugby and cricket and two of golf's major championships

No. 7 EA Sports

Brand Value: $770 million EA Sports' "Madden NFL," the best-selling sports videogame in history, launched its 20th edition in 2009.

No. 8 Under Armour

Brand Value: $530 million Under Armour's anti-moisture shirts proved so popular among U.S. Marines serving abroad that it caused the Department of Defense to change its wardrobe regulations.

No. 9 YES Network

Brand Value: $525 million YES, the cable home of the New York Yankees and New Jersey Nets, is the highest-rated regional sports network in the United States.

No. 10 IMG

Brand Value: $400 million IMG has made a big push into college sports in recent years, striking multimedia deals with 19 athletic departments, including powerhouses Texas and Ohio State.


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