Thursday, February 10, 2011

Top Ten Richest Presidents in American History



George Washington (1789-97). Father of the United States each own a large block of assets - including hundreds of slaves - thanks to the entrepreneurial, re-married a wealthy widow. He is also the only U.S. president listed several times in the list of 100 richest people in American history.


Herbert Hoover (1929-1933). President Herbert Hoover made entirely from rich white hands. From an orphan boy, Hoover had passed the entrance examination of the geology department at Stanford University, then apply the knowledge acquired in the field of mining and investment advice. By 1910, Hoover has earned $ 2.5 million equivalent today. Wealth helped Hoover to participate in the political realm. As U.S. president, Hoover gave the entire salary to charity


Thomas Jefferson (1801-09). Most of the property of Thomas Jefferson - president, known as smart - inherited from parents. As an adult, Jefferson himself was one 30 richest people in Virginia. But Jefferson also lavish lifestyle and becoming poor than at the end of his presidency.


John F. Kennedy (1961-63). Father John F. Kennedy, Joseph P. Kennedy, is a financial and trading capital car making giant block of assets in investment banking and wine. Small time, Kennedy was living in velvet. And, like Hoover, Kennedy has funded the entire presidential salary to charity. Some sources believe that he once owned property to block $ 1 billion. However, Forbes said that his property was never so high.


Andrew Jackson (1828-37). Jackson was campaigning on a pledge to become president for the people. But once elected, Jackson has used the inside information to land bought. As a land speculation, Mr. Jackson has co-founded the city of Memphis. Also, the time he owned 300 slaves - the rich evidence of the time.


Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1909). Roosevelt came from a wealthy family. Thus, Roosevelt had lived princely until maturity and even after White lost 1.5 million because of bankruptcy cases a cattle farm in North Dakota. Like many presidents, Mr. Roosevelt made a lot of money due to leave office when writing books.Zachary-Taylor

Zachary Taylor (1849-50). Mr. Taylor was president only 14 months before the sudden death in 1850 because of stomach pain. He comes from a family once owned thousands of hectares of land and many slaves in Kentucky. As a military hero, Mr. Taylor then also owns a huge number of land and slaves in Louisiana.Franklin-D.-Roosevel

Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933-45). As a child in the family, Franklin also aristocratic roots as Teddy Roosevelt, who they found each other 5 died. Franklin growing up in velvet and study at top schools. Become a Wall Street lawyer but Franklin quickly put career and political participation. His famous mansion in Hyde Park, New York actually called his mother until her death in 1941.


Lyndon B. Johnson (1963-69). Only after participating in politics as a congressman in the 1930s, Johnson - who came from civilians - the new owners big blocks of assets. In 1950, Johnson bought a television station in Austin, Texas, broadcasting all national television channels. The assets of the family then "boom" in the field of communication.


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